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Round 2 Strangers: Kim Possible

Kim Possible

Vids Used

- "KP Wishes She Was a Lesbian" by sapphicspencil
recommended by plum_muffin

- "Wishmaster" by Joylock
recommended by elflore

Grokker Synopsis

Kim Possible is a cartoon produced by the Disney Channel. During its original run it was the channel’s highest rated and most popular show and due to its popularity it also spawned two movies, a soundtrack and several videogames.

Kimberly Ann Possible isn’t your average teenage girl. No, she’s a bona fide hero. The daughter of James, a rocket scientist, and Ann, a brain surgeon, she was taught from an early age that, “anything's possible for a Possible,” a motto which she seems to embrace whole-heartedly.

She started up a baby-sitting service when she was in her late pre-teens, complete with its own website; KimPossible.com. Due to a mix-up, she was contacted by a man in need of a hero, and being a Possible, she jumped at the opportunity to make a name for herself. Her reputation grew and once she reached High School she often finds herself contacted even by royalties and governments in need of aid. Her martial-arts skills, stubbornness and intelligence come in handy when she has to fight the evil but endearingly incompetent super villains that litter her world.

However, Kim isn’t a solitary hero. She has a loyal, albeit clumsy, sidekick in her good friend (and later on; boyfriend) Ron Stoppable and even has her own Q. In her case, it’s not an elderly Brit that equips her with helpful gadgets, but a twelve-year-old technical genius named Wade with whom she communicates through the immensely useful “Kimmunicator”. Ron’s pet, Rufus, the intelligent naked mole-rat, helps out too, although he’s mostly there as comical relief.

One of Kim’s most persistent enemies is the evil and blue-tinted Dr Drakken, a mad scientist with a grudge. His most dangerous asset is not his evil invention of the week (™), but his green-skinned side-kick Sheego, a lazy but deadly accomplice. She’s an expert at infiltration and sabotage, as well as hand-to-hand combat. She even has a superpower; the ability to generate green, flame-like energy in her hands.

It’s not easy to juggle High School and cheerleading practice with a career as a crime-fighter, but for a Possible, anything is possible.

Stranger Synopses

Stranger 1

All I knew about this fandom was:

It's a cartoon, the lead is Kim and her friend is...Ron? At least, I've heard their relationship or lack-thereof maybe compared to Hermione and Ron from Harry Potter, but now I'm self-doubting as to whether his name is actually Ron or not, though I think it also involves a pun. In other words, not much. I feel there may be crime fighting/mystery solving of some sort.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Vid #1 was distracting. Terribly, terribly distracting. I am 100% convinced this fandom is about all girlslash, all the time. I heartily endorse this! However, Vid #2 showed me that in addition to the girlslash, there is also a geeky-cute boy sidekick with big ears. I assume he is Ron or the Ron-character.

Kim is a high school student with a normal life (she's a cheerleader, f'r instance, and has a family and whatnot) and yet she also FIGHTS CRIME. Which mainly involves incredibly slashy battles with her dark-haired alter ego and also, there are monkeys. I think she tries to reconcile these two parts of her life. Surprisingly, that doesn't seem like clichéd shit here. This show looks really quite adorable. Except for the parts where Kim decides nudism is in, baby, and wears flesh-coloured shirts that made me all embarrassed since this seems to be a kids' show.

I have not figured out why she fights crime or how she got her insane ninja skills. I find I do not care very much because it seems so delightful.

Stranger 2

All I knew about this fandom was:

I think it's a kids' show.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Animated grownups! Where's the fun in that???

There's an uptight-looking scientist dude with a white stripe in his hair, so I'm going to call him Dr. Clayton Forrester. Sadly, there's no TV's Frank for him to have slashy pajama parties with, but there is a sexy redhead with big eyes and pointy tits who seems to be the star of the show, Kim Possible. Except maybe it's the other redhead who's Kim Possible -- she seems slightly younger and has shorter hair. Or maybe Kim Possible is the black-haired woman in green. I'm confused! They all have identical facial features!

Okay, I've got it now. Kim is the teenaged redhead, who does supposedly normal stuff like cheerleading and talking to boys on the phone and fantasizing about the day that she'll be grown up enough to marry Dr. Clayton Forrester and have his babies and bring him caramel corn in his Little Mermaid bowl.

But! Normal!Kim is just the secret identity of Kimmy Sue Possible, who has flowing raven tresses and emerald eyes and smells like tiger lilies! And Kimmy Sue saves the world by spraying green acid in people's faces and leaping off rooftops and beating people up while heavy metal opera-type music plays.

Unlike plain ol' Kim, Kimmy Sue lives like Jennifer Garner in Alias, with fabulous outfits and matching wigs for every occasion, and mad skillz at hand-to-hand combat. She and her freckle-faced boyfriend who can turn into a plane (don't ask me!) beat up black-clad villains with big eyebrows, blow shit up, and occasionally eat pussy.

But the real fun begins when Kim must face off with Kimmy Sue, her own alter-ego! And it's like Spiderman 3, only with more yelling! And more rolling around together in the rain! And more frottage!

In the end, Kim and Kimmy Sue ditch Dr. Clayton Forrester and Petey Plane and go off to enjoy sapphic love in their shiny spy-caper paradise. Petey Plane shacks up with Big Eyebrow Guy and they adopt some underprivileged monkeys and raise a family. Dr. Clayton Forrester is left alone and bitter, nursing cirrhosis and pining for the good old days.

Stranger 3

All I knew about this fandom was:

This is a Disney product.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Okay , this looks kind of like Buffy. If Buffy was a red haired animated girl who had a access to rocking space ships. So she’s what, a popular high school student who saves the world in her spare time? I mean, it’s got to be a pain to try to juggle cheer leading practice with taking down a dizzying array of villains. Is is a secret life kind of thing?

She seems to have a crime fighting buddy in the goofy blonde kid. Is he a Robin to her Batman? He has some useful skills. And he also has that excitable little rodent thing with the mad numchuck skills.

She also has a nemesis, Glowly Green Girl. Now this one has some issues. Why so tense? Was it one of those classic radiation accidents? I must say , that she does at least have a sense of style. Acid green is not flattering to anyone but she pulls it off pretty well. Any way she seems to the “bringer of trouble’ to our heroine.

She also has a family, Overly Caffeinated Dad, Calm Collected Mom, and Bratty Twin Brothers. It looks like Dad works for Fed or something. At least he seems to have very cool ‘toys “ for work.

Overall, it looks as though it would be fun to be Kim Possible. Once you learned to deal with the sleep deprivation.

Stranger 4

All I knew about this fandom was:

I'm pretty sure it's an animated show about a girl. Judging by the show's title, I venture to guess that the girl's name is Emily. Emily Probable.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Emily Probable (we'll call her Kim for short) is a young cheerleader with orange hair, a lucky grappling hook, and masterful karate skillz. She lives with her loving nuclear family – a father, a mother, and a few siblings of indeterminate gender. Kim also has a couple of very good friends, and on the weekends they like to fight intergalactic space beasties and save the world from evil creatures of various sizes and shapes. It's a good life.

Meanwhile, Kim's dad – we'll call him Brad – is a fairly dashing, middle-aged guy who works in an office. Brad's life is really pretty boring, especially compared with his daughter's crime-fighting lifestyle, so while he sits behind his desk he likes to pass the time by speculating at great length about Kim's sex life. Although he pictures his daughter in many compromising scenarios, including some involving Kim's best friend, and others involving the entire cheerleading squad, one of her dad's favorite fantasies involves Kim and one of her arch nemeses, a strange girl who dresses in green and black.

Little does Brad know, but the girl who dresses entirely in green and black is Kim's evil twin Wanda. Separated at birth and unaware of her relation to Kim, Wanda was raised by evil monkey scientists and now plots dastardly deeds against her sister at every opportunity. Each girl trains endlessly in martial arts (and the mystic skill of blasting energy from their hands) in hopes that they will one day be able to best the other. Brad's lust-ridden theories begin to take on credence one afternoon when the girls' barely bridled animosity turns suddenly to sexual tension -- and then to a passionate and angry bout of cunnilingus. Neither sister has any idea of the sordid truth: that they are not just screwing their own worst enemy, thus undermining every bit of their morals and values, but they are committing incest as well. There can be no turning back.

Luckily, at just that moment, Kim's other best friend (let's call him Fred) stumbles across the twisted and unlikely pairing as they lay in flagrante. The two spring apart with a gasp. Wanda darts away, and the next time Kim sees her, they both ignore their momentary indiscretion and commence flinging fireballs at each other. It's back to business as usual in Kim's town.

Stranger 5

All I knew about this fandom was:

Nothing whatsoever.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

It's a cartoon - I think an American one, rather than anime. About a girl who... fights evil? In the form of a green woman with really disgusting hands, and a grey chap. There seem to be some bits set in space, or on the moon or something? Her dad works in space and her mother is a scientist, I think; she seems to have several younger siblings. And she has a love interest, who is the dorkiest white-boy ninja it's even been my pleasure to watch *g*. I like his pet...animal thing, too, especially in the one scene where it appeared to be using nunchucks. I'm guessing this is science fiction,
between the space bits and the grapple gun, although the evil green woman seems to be using magic or something like it, so it could be fantasy as well, I suppose.

According to the first vid, Kim's dad worries about her, and she has sexual tension with the green lady. According to the second, there are ROBOTS THAT SHOOT LASERS. I approve of this. Also magic de-aging gas of some sort, and a bad guy who is either an evil ninja monkey or a human with scarily prehensile feet. I'm not sure whether the two main bad guys are supposed to be aliens, which would explain their colouring. Kim and her boyfriend and... some other people work together, fighting laser robots, ninja monkeys and CRIME.

Stranger 6

All I knew about this fandom was:

It's the animated adventures of a young woman who works as some kind of secret agent, and her various friends and enemies.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Suppose the conventions of Chinese martial arts dramas, as regard the laws of physics and the potential of the human body, applied everywhere. Suppose that James Bond villains spawned a younger generation of imitators after the Cold War, and made alliances with unoccupied comic book super villains to pursue matters of mutual interest. Suppose that professional action heroism tended to be a family business. Suppose that super intelligent beaver/naked mole rat hybrids made good pets for people willing to put up with their martial arts fixations and other eccentricities. This is the world of Kim Possible.

Kim herself is a cute red-haired high school cheerleader and martial arts expert who violates the unspoken rules governing conventionally attractive female action heroes by fighting in non-skimpy clothes. She battles the agents of the bad guys as an after-school job, a bit like James Bond without the martinis and ludicrously-named love interests.

Kim's father works for the same agency Kim does, but behind the scenes instead of in the field. Her mother is a scientist. Her platonic best friend is a boy her own age who looks rather like a blond Ron Weasley. He's an aspiring martial arts expert but so far his energy outweighs his skill. His pet beaver-molerat, however, has become quite handy with the nunchaku.

If the aforementioned young man is Ron to Kim's Harry, an icily pretty young villainess with a habit of throwing around green energy bolts is her Draco. They both loathe all that the other girl stands for, and in fact, frequently go out of their way to show just how little they think of each other - complete with unnecessary body contact. Hurrah for fan service!

Kim actually has a large and diverse rogues gallery, with inhabitants ranging from James Bond style mad scientists with tuxedos and death rays to anthropomorphic monkey ninjas, but Miss Draco brings the subtext.
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