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Round 1 Strangers: Carnivale

Mods' Note: Please see the previous post for guidelines before reading these synopses.


Vids Used
-"In the Shadows" by DHAK Productions (shadowomega@dhak.net)
recommended by thefourthvine

-"Monochrome" by sweetestdrain (sweetestdrain@livejournal.com)
recommended by nicole_anell

Grokker Synopsis

So what's this "Carnivale" show really all about? It's set in the 1930s in a little carnival/circus sideshow traveling around the west. It's the Great Depression, times are rough, and everybody's covered in dirt. Although there is a large ensemble cast, the main focus of the show -- and these two vids -- is Ben (that young dirt-covered farmboy you see throughout "Monochrome") and Brother Justin (that creepy-looking preacher who's not Ben in "In the Shadows"). These two are apparently beings of Good (Ben) and Evil (Justin) but they don't know much more about their own destinies than the audience does, which is just slightly more than fandom strangers do, because this show is an enigma wrapped around a mystery with really dusty chocolate sauce on top, basically.

Ben's power is healing the injured, seen in both vids and mainly "Monochrome." As a child he brings a drowned cat back to life in front of his supremely freaked-out mother. He later tries to heal his mom on her deathbed, but she won't let him near her because she believes he is cursed. After her death, some people come to bulldoze his house, which is why he reluctantly joins the carnival as a laborer. He meets a little disabled girl in a wagon and fixes her legs, which eventually leads to some people flocking to him as a healer (see: everyone trying to touch him like he's a Beatle in "Monochrome," as hard as he tries to resist the attention). However, his healing often brings a price of other things dying -- e.g., he can heal somebody in a lake if he's okay with every single fish going belly-up.

Ben also has strange dreams and visions. Seen in both vids, he and Justin share a dream where they are sitting in a diner, two men clink their glasses, and everything goes splodey. Ben also frequently has nightmares as if he's in World War I.

Brother Justin has a similarly weird talent, the gift of making people see their own sins -- in some quick flashes of "In the Shadows" you can see him causing coins to fly out of a thieving woman's mouth, and another man committing suicide after Justin forced him to confront his sins. He also has various apocalyptic visions, such as blood raining down from the sky outside a Chinese restaurant/brothel where he wants to build a church, and some stuff about a tree, and Ben stabbing him in the middle of a sermon. But you might figure out Justin's evil, due to things like baptism water turning to blood on him (see: cross on his forehead), his eyes going all Evil Willow black, and the crazy giant tree tattoo on his chest.

Oh, and Justin lives with Iris, his older sister (I'm pretty sure you can see them as children for like a split-second in "Shadows") -- that would be the lady he's incestuously making out with around minute 3:00. Justin would totally get banned from Livejournal.

As you might tell from the underlying angst of the vids, both Ben and Justin are sometimes tortured characters. Particularly in season one, Ben often believes he is evil, while Justin is initially convinced he's good and is troubled by people suffering around him. One of his most angsty moments is seen around 3:30 of "Shadows", when a good deed he attempted leads to something particularly dreadful happening (it involves the recurring flashes of a burned pair of legs earlier in the vid, but I'm guessing any more specifics are spoilery way beyond the video).

In "Monochrome," you might also notice Sofie, the pageboy-sporting fortune teller, following Ben around in her car and such. You may think from their similar ages and general hotness that Sofie and Ben become romantically involved, but their flirtation is only brief. Ben's major season one relationship is with Ruthie, the much older snake charmer (seen in "Monochrome" around 0:50 taking a shower and getting cozy with him, and around 2:20 getting very cozy with him) But as you see toward the end of the video, Ruthie is bitten by a poisonous snake and dies, and Ben is like "ZOMG!" for a while.

One of the main mysteries of the show is Ben's connection to this Scudder person (who's also one of the glass-clinking diner vision guys). Early in the series he finds his old top hat and a picture of him, and it's gradually revealed he is Ben's daddy, who was once in the carnival. As highlighted in both videos, Ben gets lost in a mine and finds Scudder in a mining hat and the word TAVATAR or AVATAR on the wall. If I remember correctly, this has something to do with them being Avatars of light and darkness, and you're just supposed to ignore the T or something, like Ben does.

That about covers it!

Stranger Synopses

Stranger 1

All I knew about this fandom was:

Years ago, I watched the pilot of this show. It's about a guy who joins a carnival. There are freaky people and psychic happenings. The guy might hook up with one of the freaky women. For no immediately apparent reason, we are also paying attention to a creepy,
ominous preacher guy.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Carnivale takes place in the United States during the Depression. Our protagonist is a sweet-faced young thing with healing powers and visions; as a child, he brings a dead cat back to life, but as an adult he's unable to save his mother from cancer. Shortly after burying his mother in the Very Symbolic Barren Dirt of their farm, he becomes a dust bowl refugee and (at the invitation of a hot young card-reading chick) joins a traveling carnival. I shall call him Puppyboy, and he shall be my squishy.

Then there's Crazy Not-Hot Older Preacher Dude, who is on a spiritual quest of creepiness and tree tattoos. Puppyboy's quest is less explicitly spiritual, at least at first, but he really does want to know what he *is*, and what he is seems to be kind of... Tavatar-y. *cough*

The characters are definitely on parallel paths, though. (Um. This would be "parallel" in one of those non-Euclidean geometries where every pair of lines ultimately intersect, because clearly that's in the cards (ha ha), too.) Evil Preacher Dude sincerely but
megalomanically tries to build a faith community to follow him. Puppyboy's cover gets blown a little bit when the general public find out about his healing skills and they all decide they want somma that.

There's running around in cornfields, uncanny ghostlike children, and WWI flashbacks, but I don't know what that's all about. Puppyboy *doesn't* sex up the hot young card-reading carnival chick, instead ending up making out hot 'n' heavy with the older snake-handling woman who reminds him of his mother. (Buh?) But she gets dead, bit by one
of her own snakes. I shall try to do the scriptwriters the favor of assuming they didn't
mean any of the obvious moral lessons that could be drawn from this turn of events.

Oh, ew, Puppyboy cuts his own throat. Bad squishy! But he had to do it to solve the Tavatar riddle. *cough*

Evil Preacher Dude has a lot of angst. Eventually he has himself tattooed with an elaborate tree, which symbolizes his acceptance of his fate. Our protagonist stabs the evil preacher. Amazingly, this is not as homoerotic as it sounds.

(I like the tree. It has a lot of character.)

Do not ask me about the significance of the Gentleman Geek, or I'll punch you inna face.

Stranger 2

All I knew about this fandom was:

That it was set in a travelling carnival and that strange things were happening. (what I got from things I read about the show). That there was canon incest apparently (from comments I read on Fandom Wank) and that there was a priest that was tempted by evil (and fell?) and that there was an Evil porcelin mask that showed the priest bad visions, and that the mask bled when it broke. (from Tzkieh's Amazing Grace vid). I don't know who the incest was between, although I'm pretty sure it was het.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

So after watching the two vids I was given, here's what I've pieced together. Carnivale is about the battle between Good and Evil, with the lines blurred sometimes about which is which.

It's the 1930's Depression, somewhere in the middle of the US. (or a similar location/time).

The main character is this kid, let's call him Sam because it amuses me. He lived with his mother in this godforsaken shack that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. And Sam has strange powers. He can bring things back to life (like a dead kitten) and heal people. And these powers? Freak his mother out. So much so that when she lays dying (from cancer? Just a guess but it feels like it should be cancer) and now grown Sam tries to reach out and touch her, she recoils and acts like he's trying to kill her. Then she dies and he buries her in the backyard (or possibly the front; hard to tell when everything is a giant dustbowl) just in time to see a bulldozer doze their shack.

So he has no home, no family that he knows of and this power (or powers) that he doesn't understand and that had terrified his mother. He finds some old things stored in their barn (or the shack before it was bulldozed?) -- pictures of his mother at a carnival and pictures of "the gentleman geek", along with what looks like some of the geek's costume. Is the geek his father? Maybe. I'm pretty sure he's dead/disappeared and he seems to be sort of a personification of whatever power it is that has an interest in Sam as he keeps appearing to Sam in visions.

Anyway, the stuff he found and the need to find out more about who and what he is, sets Sam to go join up with the carnival which seems to have a lot of creepy happening just under the surface. He's befriended by a snake charming lady who seems to have known his mother/knows some of the secrets. I don't think she actually tells him much though. She dies by snake bite -- possibly because she was going to tell Sam something? Sam can't save her the same way he couldn't save his mother.

He does however heal a young girl whose legs have been crippled (I'm guessing polio?) and word gets out and he's kinda beseiged by people wanting healing and/or who think his powers are a sign of something dark.

There's also a priest -- let's call him Ethan -- who also seems to be the focus for all kinds of weird visions and stuff. I think he's the one who has the canon incest thing happening with his sister? He seems to be a halfway decent man but with fatal flaws that the dark exploits. He tries to resist but slowly and surely is falling. He sorta ends up Sam's opposite -- the one who everyone would assume to be good -- priest of God and all that -- versus the one who actually is.

Ethan seems to have a personification spirit too -- where Sam's is the gentleman geek, Ethan's seems to be a soldier from World War One. And there's a mask. It's porcelain and vaguely creepy looking, and EVIL. It's definitely a symptom of/example of the thing that is slowly sinking its claws into Ethan. And it acts alive (eyes opening) and bleeds when it's broken.

EVIL, I tell you.

There seems to be a lot that takes place within dreams or visions (or if reality, then the show is even more freaky and surreal than I thought). There's a creepy ass cornfield (and we all know cornfields are evil -- Children of the Corn anyone?) with a guy with a full torso tattoo of a gnarly old tree. (also evil, I think.) There's a dreamscape that looks like the set later went on to be used for the fantasy type sequences on Criss Angel Mindfreak -- empty desert with lots of weird things just happening along. There seems to be flashes back to the soldier in the war, as well as some flashes of some kind of mining disaster?

And there's the actual gnarly old tree that's depicted in the tattoo on the guy in the cornfield. I'm thinking maybe it's some kinda representation of the tree of knowledge? Ethan seems drawn to it and eventually ends up with the full torso tree tattoo on himself (a symbol of his falling?).

Sam continues searching to try to find out who and what he is and what the heck is going on -- going so far as to slash his own throat to try and communicate with the Gentleman Geek. He finds the word TAVATAR (in the abandoned mine?) and figures it's important. After his little out of body experience with the Geek, he writes it again in blood and erases the T. Possibly meaning that the answer to who and what he is (and Ethan too for that matter) is an avatar for a specific power. Ethan being the chosen avatar for the other side.

Sam is faced with the knowledge that Ethan is capable of and will commit great evil if he isn't stopped -- ie if Sam doesn't kill him. And this is a point that both characters keep getting visions about and keep coming back to in different ways. Does Sam actually try to kill Ethan? There's a clip that looks like he did, but with all the visions and stuff in the show I can't say for certain if it was real. (And since I heard the show ended kinda on a cliffhanger, maybe it's not even clear in the show if that's the cliffhanger moment?)

And now I'm going to go find the series because what I did see in the vids was intriguing enough to make me want to watch the show.

Stranger 3

What the FUCK. I can honestly say that after watching these videos, I have LESS of an idea what this show is about than I did before.

All I knew about this fandom was:

Clea DuVall.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

NOT Clea DuVall.

So the main character of this show is Kango the Pig-Faced Boy, who has the unenviable habits of making out with his mother and cutting himself. Public Service Announcement: Cutting is not a healthy way to solve your problems. Kango isn't too bright, and plus he's afraid of things like trucks and hats and old people and bits of paper with pictures on them, not to mention his deep and abiding fear of children of all ages, stemming perhaps from his youth when he was mocked for, well, being ugly, so Kango spends a lot of time outside digging and communing with the dirt.

Kango has nightmares about this old circus that his father used to run, but sadly his father was injured in the Great War and went on to be a miner. Well, no, but he likes to wear the hat, so Kango and his mother, who has a pet snake, let him sit in a hole in the backyard and take him to the diner for a glass of wine when he has flashbacks.

One day this priest named Father Woody meets Kango in the diner and tries to get him to join the Evil Priesthood. "We kill fish and make it rain blood and get these natty tree tattoos. Interested?"

"I could never be a priest," says Kango. "I don't like communion wafers."

"Ah, but we eat EVIL communion wafers," Father Woody says. "You make out with your mother? I make out with MY mother! That's okay in the Evil Priesthood!"

In the end, the Evil Priesthood is much like the Sith, so Kango stabs Father Woody. And somewhere in there Kango's mother was bit by a snake, which was sad, and not at all ironic.

Stranger 4

All I knew about this fandom was:

I think it ran for one season and was set in depression era America with a traveling carnival and an evil preacher. Basically the mutant hybrid offspring of “Something Wicked this Way Comes” and “Night of the Hunter.”

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Two vids both featuring the hollow-eyed young dude, call him Luke because I figure he’s the hero. Other characters include evil preacher guy, a mother figure traveling with the carnival who does fortune telling and a snake dance and who Luke sleeps with and a younger woman with her own truck who reads cards. There’s also a WWI soldier and a guy in a top hat both of whom may be ghosts, a vision tattooed guy, a dead tree and a dwarf.

The second vid, “Monochrome”, was completely from Luke’s POV and begins with a tarot reading featuring the Fool. Don’t know much about tarot but I think the Fool is the one who goes on the journey. In the first vid, “In the Shadows,” the tarot card looks like a knave (a son figure) and both vids also use the word “avatar” written in blood. Based on this I think Luke is actually more of a Damien (from The Omen) a son of or incarnation of the devil but one who doesn’t know it. He’s looking for his father, the Gentleman Geek on the card (obviously Top Hat guy because who needs fingerprints when you have man-millinery), or the source of his powers, there’s a flashback type scene of him reviving a drowned kitten and healing a girl but later he just causes death and destruction, dying fish, snake lady being bitten. He tries to kill himself to end all the badness but it doesn’t take.

“In the Shadows” starts in Luke/Damien’s POV but switches to evil preacher guy’s about half way through. Evil preacher guy (EPG) wasn’t born bad, because there’s a sequence that parallels Luke/Damien’s quest and attempt to kill himself to forestall the awful truth. EPG throws himself off a bridge instead of slitting his own throat and I think WWI soldier guy was involved. WWI soldier guy and Top Hat guy are evil gay co-fathers of Luke/Damien (of no woman born) and EPG is evil John the Baptist to Luke/Damien’s evil Jesus. Except unlike the good versions they clearly end up mortal slash enemies. Possibly with goats. Dwarf tatooed goats but where does the dead tree fit in?

Stranger 5

All I knew about this fandom was:

It's on HBO, and creepy, and got cancelled before its time. It has something to do with a Carnivale. Clea DuVall is in it.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Well, first, because I am Captain Obvious, there's a carnival. I would guess that this is set in the American west. It's very dustbowl-y, so probably during the Depression. The younger male character grew up in the Carnivale – I don't think that he has a defined role there as an adult. Some crazy shit is happening there. Whatever it is, it is supernatural in nature, and starts affecting the people who work in the Carnivale. The young guy has a sexual relationship with the snake lady, who appears to be much older than him, and then I think something weird happens and she dies. Other people are affected. Oh, and Clea DuVall is in this. She is SO hot. Anyway…there's also a priest, who works at the church closest to the Carnivale, and there's a complicated relationship between the young guy and the priest. The young guy is torn between having issues with the priest, but not being able to stay away. The priest has some issues of his own. He's not doing a very good job at keeping to his vows, because he has a relationship with a woman, and he's pretty torn
up about it. Also, freaky things are happening to him too, and he's covered in a gigantic tree tattoo, for some reason. Basically, the Carnivale is creepy. Stay away, because something is NOT right there. And the people are fucked up.

Stranger 6

All I knew about this fandom was:

In The Shadows - I’ve seen this name on my flist and a brief commercial for the DVD. I swear I didn’t read the header for this download until after I came up with this idea.

Monochrome - I’ve heard of Carnivale in name and I once saw a commercial for it. Neither explained whom, what, or where.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

In the Shadows – It’s all about being gay!

There’s Big Gay Bob (TM jarrow272 in StrangeFandom) and Little Gay Bob. Big Gay Bob does not want to admit he’s gay. Cause then his profession as a preacher may be in trouble.

Little Gay Bob is less then thrilled. So the gay bar blows up. Poor patrons.

Little Gay Bob is now a fugitive! NOOO. YESSS.

He joins the carnivale after seeing a vision of a studly tattooed man. Unfortunately all he finds are women and everything is about settling down. Kids, a shack, the women all-sad he’s gay.

It’s no fun. There’s no studly tattooed man! So he blows it up. I think he may have a problem, and it’s not being gay.

Big Gay Bob is also struggling. With being gay yes, but mostly the fact that Little Gay Bob went nuts and killed so many. He misses Little Gay Bob though. Aw.

As he grows more and more tired of pretending to be straight and happily married, he sees the tree tattooed man had on his…tattoo. Spooky. He also has visions of Little Gay Bob murdering him. Spookier.

So he touches the tree and meets studly tattooed man. Who shows him he’s not at fault Little Gay Bob was crazier than crazy. Who also gives him the courage to confess he’s gay, to of all people, Papa Walton!

He’s promptly fired. But it’s ok; he’s now got a bitchin tattoo, and perhaps a tattooed boyfriend.


Monochrome – The show is about the struggle of working class. The main character is with a community of poor working class. He’s struggled his entire life for survival. He wants a different fate, which leads him to make a drastic choice that dooms him in means of his soul.

Upon the death of his mother, he sells out to the more industrious. This is seen as the bulldozer levels the house.

The community is left in ruins and unrest. Slowly they are destroyed and left to wander.
The main has also not gained what he sought in a better life. He is plagued with guilt.

He scribbles on his arm to remind himself on his sin. He looks upon the Jesus cross and talks with the priest, trying to convince the priest that it was necessary. That he didn’t want to be such as the minor man but the rich man. When we see flashes of him on a battlefield, at war, it represents the war within him. But it’s too late.

The priest rejects him, for he is caught up with the devil. The snake and the man in the red suit. The dead fish that surround him in the lake, that he can’t even wash away his sin. He is a Judas, and his only recourse to fix his mistake and help his children is to kill himself for what he’s done.

Stranger 7

All I knew about this fandom was:

It's on cable, right? That's about it.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

A priest, a gentleman, a soldier, and a carney walk into a bar... and it all goes downhill from there. War has broken out on two planes of existence, the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. The line between the planes is blurring, and people are dying - the priest and the carney must each quest to solve the mystery of these paranormal
occurrences and save the world around them.

The priest takes a spiritual approach, dabbling uncomfortably in the occult to mend the breach. He attempts to take the evil into himself through rituals and magic, in direct conflict with his religious background.

The carney approaches the war with love, seeking and offering comfort to those around him. His life with the Carnivale is light and dark – the daytime joys of an amusement park, and the sinister nighttime mysteries and deaths. He is looking for answers from whoever crosses his path, and dealing with a troubled past. A loner and a drifter, the carney has lived a life without love and seeks both answers and absolution.

As they both delve deeper into the horrors, everything spirals out of control. The priest becomes torn between the two planes of existence, and the carney watches everyone around him suffer and die. Time is running short, and the elusive gentlemen and soldier hold important clues to the situation. Perhaps they are ghosts, only visible on the other plane or in moments of near-death. Or perhaps they are merely men, dabbling in affairs that they do not understand.

Stranger 8

All I knew about this fandom was:

In the Shadows - It's about a group of carnivale workers in Depression-era America. A
guy named Tavatar is the central character, and he can make things come back from the dead, at the price of killing everything living around him a short time later. He has a relationship with the other carnies, in particular a snake lady with a snake tattoo on her arm.

Monochrome – I also learned from 'In the Shadows' that there's a freaky dark priest
who Tavatar is sort of involved with.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

In the Shadows – Tavatar has REALLY PRETTY MAN-PAIN. He's really upset about a lot of things, including a photograph, a top hat, a ring, and tarot cards. Particularly upsetting is a mask that opens its eyes (hey, anyone would be upset).

Shit goes down at Mr. Chin's. There are explosions!

There's also a hottie priest involved in some dark magic stuff, and he grapples with being good and bad. He has visions of a WWI soldier and a guy with tree tattoos on his chest. He has really pretty man-pain as well.

He tries to do something to Tavatar, I think mark/bless him with blood, and Tavatar resists. He ends up killing the priest guy with what looks like a WWI bayonet. There is much angsting by everyone involved.

Monochrome – Judging from how little he appears as a carnie, I think Tavatar is actually a regular guy who meets the carnies and makes friends with them. Tavatar's photograph is of the snake lady, and he shows it to her in 'Monochrome.' He also has someone else read tarot for him, a cute sad girl with a bob. The top hat I think belonged to another
photographed guy named The Gentleman Geek, and I think Tavatar admires the exoticism of the Geek's class status. Tavatar's man-pain is pretty much endless: he's reviled by his mother for being able to bring things back from the dead, people recoil from him, he's often running away from something, and his visions scare him, as does the people he meets (including the WWI guy appearing in a mineshaft). Finally he slits his own throat, but the Gentleman Geek appears and touches him, healing him...so they have the same power, and Tavatar isn't such a freak as he thought he was.

Stranger 9

All I knew about this fandom was:

I know that it’s a town. I figure it’s scary, almost macabre. Why? Because carnivals are a little scary with their funny mirrors and temporary rides. And this is Carnivale. The “e” makes it even weirder. See, I’m not even sure what the definition of carnivale is. I want to say it has to do with death. Death at a carnival? Death when a carnival comes to a weird town? I’m too literal. But I do get the image of a carousel and peoples’ faces going round and round. Like the characters of this show. Let me go meet them.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Okay, talk about death? Ya think? Death, blood. This is a town of death and ghosts and I think they’re in Purgatory, man. Very Catholic overtones to this show. But I also think there really is a town. When is it? Man, I don’t know. There are so many flashbacks to the past; I don’t know when this is. But there is a carousel. And it is scary.

The Pauper
This show is mostly about the Pauper. I think this takes place in the 1920s in some weird carnival in the middle of the Dust Bowl. But there is a mystery. Are all of these people dead? Or is the Pauper dead? He even tries to kill himself to find out but doesn’t succeed.
Wherever, whenever he is the carnival isn’t doing its job. It’s not distracting people from their troubles, from their poverty. It’s a construct. What did the Pauper do to get there? It doesn’t matter, he’s enamored with saving the people there. The little girl in the wagon, the women he makes love to, his own mother. But he can’t save any of them because they’re already dead. Already doomed and dead. He’s talking to ghosts. But maybe he really is alive. What if he is? How will he escape such poverty? Ah, the Pauper is on a quest. He reminds me of Roland, Stephen King’s gunslinger. Except, the Pauper has no guns. Just his own bright intelligence, curiosity and grit in the face of adversity. The carnies they know what they are, who they were, what TAVATAR really means. The Pauper keeps searching.

The Priest
The Priest carries many secrets of the town. He has his own secrets. He is supposed to offer guidance but the fact that he is in Purgatory means he is as damned as the rest of them. When you are one of the chosen damned you get a Joshua tree tattooed on your chest. That’s the mark of the damned. The priest has one. He doesn’t know when it appeared but no one sees it under his robes. He knows he should be dead twice over. The boy tried it, he himself jumped off the gallows but no, he’s still breathing or whatever
passes for breath in this place. God doesn’t want him. How will he get salvation? Who do you follow when God no longer wants you?

The Price
The town is the key, it is where they will find salvation. They didn’t find it before but they will find it there. The clues are all there and priest, prophets, prostitutes and the penitent will keep working this out in search of some sort of peace.

Stranger 10

All I knew about this fandom was:

I watched a songvid at VividCon that contained source material from this series ("Amazing Grace" by tzikeh and snoo).

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Some Miner Guy in the Thirties (who has gone AWOL from the Army) is fed up with his crappy miner's pay and from having to constantly run from pursuing, wine-guzzling MPs, so he hunkers down in a nearby carnival, bringing along with him the dwarf from 'Twin Peaks,' the lady from 'Swamp Thing,' the lady who plays that FBI bitch on 'Heroes,' Ed Harris's wife, a kitten, a couple of snakes, and some priests. The Evil Head Priest is an anachronistic masochistic tree-hugger, even going so far as having himself tattooed with the Tree of Life symbol by way of a Magic Marker; he wears black eye contacts in order to help him better read the Black Mass to his enslaved congregation. Miner Guy seems a whiny, nebbishy sort, and is soon disillusioned by his own pointless existence and the Evil Head Priest's endless sermons regarding duplicitous pine cones and slippery Dutch elm diseases. When Miner Guy finally realizes that he hasn't actually joined a carnival at all, but an enclave of religious nature lovers calling themselves the Timberland Arboreal Vicars And Treed Agrarian Rectors, he flips out and goes on a suicidal rampage with a pair of pinking shears.
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  • Round 1 Feedback Poll, part 2

    Sorry for the multiple posts this morning, folks. This is the last you'll hear from us for awhile! ;-) Thank you all again for your contributions.…

  • Round 1 Feedback Poll, part 1

    While we're off at VividCon (YAY!) we wanted to give y'all a head start on providing some feedback for Round 1. (Make sure you check out the brand…

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    WOW. Was that an awesome start to SSF or what?! You guys are incredible. Thank you so much for bringing this idea to life. There were some…