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Round 1 Strangers: Donnie Darko

Note: We are posting 2 fandoms today. Keep an eye out for Stargate SG-1 later today!

Donnie Darko

Vids Used

"Cat Scan Hist'ry" by heresluck (heresluck@gmail.com)
http://heresluck.net/videos/index.html OR http://heresluck.imeem.com/video/w5TW7ImU/dd_catscanhistry/
recommended by heresluck and jarrow

(untitled) by editsbydan
recommended by pigtailedgirl

Grokker Synopsis

[MOD NOTE: This synopsis (necessarily) reveals the whole movie! Read at your own risk!]

Okay, first off, you should know that there are two explanations of Donnie Darko, depending on which version you've seen. One explanation is that Donnie is a paranoid schizophrenic who is hallucinating giant bunnies who tell him to burn stuff. The other explanation is that he is a time traveller experiencing a loop in time. Any time I make reference to the time travel explanation, feel free to substitute "because he's freaking crazy" instead.

Frank, a giant creepy bunny, lures Donnie out of his house on the night that part of an airplane falls on his room and would have killed him. Frank tells Donnie the world will end in 28 odd days, which Donnie writes on his arm. This point in the future is when the time loop will end, which means this little fragment of a universe in the loop will end, while the regular universe goes on.

By the end of the 28 days, Donnie feels that everything he does causes only pain and death for his loved ones because he's such a psycho, and so deliberately sends part of a plane back in time to crush himself in his bed and wipe out the last month. At the end, he lays in his bed laughing, waiting for his death, sure his family will have happier lives without him.

Bad things Donnie is responsible for that lead him to this conclusion:

--Donnie vandalizes his school. He floods it, puts an axe in the mascot, and writes "They made me do it" in reference to his hallucinations of Frank. One of his favorite teachers is fired because they think the literature she taught inspired him.
--Donnie gets involved with a girl named Gretchen, who is accidentally run over by a car because she is with him, and dies.
--Donnie kills the real life Frank (who turns out to be his older sister's boyfriend in a Halloween costume) for running over Gretchen.
--Donnie's mother and younger sister are on the plane which Donnie destroys by sending part of it into the past (and the only reason they're on *that* plane and not a later, safer flight is because Mom is worried about Donnie).

And none of these things will now happen because Donnie is dead.

Oh, also, the movie is set in the late 80s despite being released about six years ago, which may explain any Bush Sr. sightings you may have.

Stranger Synopses

Stranger 1

All I knew about this fandom was:

Jake Gyllenhaal was in it, and a rabbit was somehow involved. I wrote separate things about each vid, because whoa, did those vids tell me totally different things about this movie.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

From "Cat Scan Hist'ry":

Jake Gyllenhaal is completely batshit insane. His particular breed of insanity is somewhere between Harvey and Pulp Fiction, in that it features weird-ass violence that's All The (Gigantic Freaky Looking) Rabbit's Fault. He's supposed to be taking pills to correct said batshit insanity, but evidently them pills ain't workin' so much, because hey, Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit. Which, by the way, may or may not be a figment of his imagination and/or some part of his psyche, and may or may not just be some guy in a rabbit suit. (Possibly Batshit Jake in a rabbit suit? I was 100% totally positively sure at the end there that Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit would take off its costume and Batshit Jake would be inside, but apparently not.)

At any rate, Batshit Jake loses whatever tenuous grip on sanity he may at one point have had, possibly in conjunction with or later resulting in his girlfriend biting it. So he puts on a highly symbolic Hoodie of Much Batshit Angst, burns down his own house, shoots somebody, and stabs Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit and/or himself in the eye.

Elsewhere, people dance.

The end.

From (untitled):

Jake Gyllenhaal can control time and space. Or possibly, someone else is controlling time and space, just to fuck with him. That person may or may not be Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit, who may or may not be Time'nSpace Jake, and who may or may not have a passing time travel acquaintance with a crazy-looking old lady.

A lot of crazy-ass stuff goes down, involving Time'nSpace Jake shooting a clown, Time'nSpace Jake's house burning down, and gigantic hubris-laden portraits of people Time'nSpace Jake doesn't like. Thus, Time'nSpace Jake, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Batshit Jake, tries to reach out and touch Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit - and starts to look a little Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit himself in the process, implying that whoever Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit is probably doesn't look 100% that way on their side of whatever time barrier thing it is Time'nSpace Jake tries to stab his way through.

Time'nSpace Jake mucks with time and space somehow, or maybe Gigantic Freaky Looking Rabbit does. Said mucking with time and space includes (but is possibly not limited to) Time'nSpace Jake's childhood, a plane crash involving Drew Barrymore, and Time'nSpace Jake's girlfriend.

In the end, Time'nSpace Jake fixes it (for values of "it" = time, space, his brain), and winds up back where he started, snug in his bed in the early 80's/late 90's. And lo, he is pleased.

Or possibly, it was all a dream.

The end.

Stranger 2

All I knew about this fandom was:

Everyone keeps telling me I need to see this movie. And there's a weird dead bunny thing in it.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Donnie is an average teenager who is training for the Tour de France. He likes skeletons, arson, making clocks sad, and drawing on himself. Donnie's best friend Harvey is an invisible dead bunny thing that encourages him in his pursuits. Donnie's girlfriend, played by Jena Malone, is exactly like every Jena Malone character ever. Fucking Jena Malone.

Donnie soon becomes obsessed with his younger sister's traveling dance troupe. "Their small dresses are so shiny," Donnie thinks, "and their pelvic thrusts so enticing. I wish I could dance like that!"

Donnie soon spends every waking moment thinking about dancing. He buys a clip-on ponytail and makes his own shiny costume, which he wears to bed every night. He memorizes the dance routine in secret, and every time his sister performs, he stands in the back of the room, hidden by his invisible friend Harvey, and dances along with them.

One day Donnie's secret is discovered. Goddamn Jena Malone finds his clip-on hair while looking for a tampon or some shit, and then she goes looking for the shiny silver dress, because she's jealous, the bitch, jealous of Donnie's talent and grace. Donnie is going to dance on STAGE some day, just you WAIT, Jena Malone!

But Harvey has Donnie's back. Harvey cheers Donnie up by helping him set the couch on fire, and then they send Jena Malone back in time to be eaten by dinosaurs. Fuck off, Jena Malone.

Stranger 3

All I knew about this fandom was:

I'd never heard of it, although I figured out it was a movie from the caption above the vid on YouTube.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Donnie Darko is a dark supernatural thriller with overlaying themes of suicide and personal responsibility. Also love is scary.

It's October.

By day, the school seems normal, but some sort of demon creature is manipulating teenagers, and haunting them at night, driving them to acts of violence. These demons seem to gain power from forcing the populace to do an aerobic dance routine. One of those manipulated by the demons uses her voice to pull an airplane from the sky.

The lead character, a teenage boy who exudes an aura of weirdness and outcast status, although he's clearly from a moderately wealthy family. The hero can't physically attack the demons, which possess an energy barrier of some kind. Fists and knives both fail to penetrate the barrier, as does an ax. The danger increases as Halloween approaches, and the protagonist shoots a clown. Then his girlfriend falls victim to these demons, and there's a time-traveling elderly woman who gives him the secret to defeat the demons.

Or perhaps a combination of prescription drugs and the voice of George Bush has caused the hero to hallucinate the entire thing.

Stranger 4

All I knew about this fandom was:


Here's what this fandom is really about:

From what I could gather just by the name of the song, was that the it was probably to be dealing with the brain.

From the vid, I gather that the main character of the story is probably either a schizophrenic or has a fragmented personality. He has moments where he doesn't look like himself-- goes dark a bit or is taken over by something.This may or may not be due to a brain tumor. Allot of it may take place in a delusional or dream state.

The story seems to take place in a high school, I would say the beginning of the movie showed his first day at the school, but the calender read October so I'm sure that's not the case. He may be a senior given what school activities are shown. Allot of what he does seems to be for the girl/love interest (though isn't that always the case?) he may have grown up knowing her.

In the end, he tries to confront his inner demons possibly for hurting the girl and in doing so leads to his own death?

Stranger 5

All I knew about this fandom was:

Absolutely nothing. I've seen the name once or twice.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Donnie Darko is a teenage emo-boy with messy dark hair. He goes to school in a big, forbidding-looking building, where everyone wears school uniforms. Something really important happens on or around Halloween. Time travel is involved, as is a scary-looking creature who is kind of humanoid but has a monster-like face, who it appears is threatening Donnie but can't actually hurt him. Donnie's eyes are important for some reason. Put these all together, and it's obvious what the fandom is about.

That's right: Donnie Darko is a Harry Potter American high school AU.

Now, admittedly I didn't see a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, but that's only because his fringe (or "bangs" as they say in America) covers it up. But he kisses Cho Chang some girl with long hair, rides around on a broomstick bicycle, and he carries around the Sword Axe of Gryffindor. (As well as the Gun of Gryffindor, and the Kitchen Knife of Gryffindor.) I swear I see Crabbe and Goyle sitting behind him in one of the classroom shots.

The only thing missing from this fandom is that staple of Harry Potter American high school AUs: the prom. Maybe they'll have one in the sequel: Donnie Darko and the Deathly Hallows.

Stranger 6

All I knew about this fandom was:

The name, and... well, the name.

Here's what this fandom is really about:

Genre: Suspense

Cast: How many people are in a High School? That much! But, the protagonist are Donnie, her lobely girfriend and his... er... pet.

Synopsis: Donnie is a High School student, and is he crazy? Because he really looks like. But, sorry, I disgress.

Anyway, he's attracted to that pretty longhaired girl, and hey! she's attracted to him too. Yay! Love is in the air. There are, at least, some kissing, and they are happy.

So far, your typical high-school comedy movie, right?


Something is SO not ok, dude... We saw a gun, we saw pills, we saw last messages painted on the floor, and really freaking spacial distortions. And Donny is reading about Time Travel.

Too much Stark Trek, probably. We don't need to worry. Or do we?

Probably, yes.

Halloween comes and let's party! Because when you're at HS, everything is about parties. And then, oh, man! then everythings go to Hell. Which is quite logical, when you're stalked by a huge demoniac, pshychobunny.

No, seriously. Huge. Demonic. Psycho. Bunny. With shinny eyes. And ears like horns. And kinda metallic, also.

Really cool!

Donnie and PsychoBunny face each other, and awww! the bunny looks almost cute. Well, ok, no cute, but it tilt its head, like in defeat when Donny points it with his gun, and I went all: Poor bunny!

At the end, Donnie decide the world is big enough for him and the bunny, and everybody lives a happy life. Specially the bunny.

PS: David Lynch, anyone?

Stranger 7

All I knew about this fandom was:


Here's what this fandom is really about:

This concerns an Emo Boy who may well have simply taken a hit of bad acid. Then again.... The Emo Boy looks rather suspiciously like that Jake Gilouielouie guy (you know, the one with the sister or cousin or niece or Siamese twin named Maggie, who was in that slashy cowboy movie ... never mind). Anyway, Jake Gilligan often wears a skeleton T-shirt, apparently to impress a character representing Death-In-A-Bunny-Suit; he even uses a trampoline in an attempt to achieve a state of nirvana, in order to wrangle up the nerve to ask Death-In-A-Bunny-Suit out on an eventual date to the movies. Nervous about this new and potentially scary relationship, he takes off for a bike ride in the woods to clear his brain, only to get run over by a school bus. Jake Gilgamesh then discovers, while reading The Book of Anatomical Plot Devices, that he needs to have sex with Death-In-A-Bunny-Suit, but soon realizes that the Cosmic Condom of Doom surrounding the critter will not allow him to get close enough, despite an impressive display of cutlery. If Jake Goldenhall does not complete this sex act by sometime in late October, a cadre of baddies -- ostensibly known as Them That Made Him Do It (which includes such luminaries as Drew 'E.T.' Barrymore and the lady who played "Gracie" on 'Jericho') -- will drop massive quantities of air pollution onto his Catholic high school, thus completely ruining an upcoming, and eagerly anticipated, Irish Step Dance competition.
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  • Round 1 Feedback Poll, part 2

    Sorry for the multiple posts this morning, folks. This is the last you'll hear from us for awhile! ;-) Thank you all again for your contributions.…

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