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Stranger In A Strange Fandom

Where am I? What is this place?

Stranger in a Strange Fandom
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Introducing people to new fandoms through fanvids
Welcome to the Stranger in a Strange Fandom Project!

Anyone who watches fanvids can attest they're a fun way to celebrate and explore the fandoms you love. But what about the fandoms you don't know? What can you learn about them just from watching a vid?

SSF is here to find out.

Here's how it works:

1) The lovely moderators (jarrow and sdwolfpup) seek out vids and request vid submissions in a variety of fandoms.

2) Lovely people like YOU sign-up to watch 1-3 vids in a fandom you don't know over a two-week period.

3) Everyone who watches vids then writes up a synopsis of what they think the show is about. Plot, characters, relationships, deaths, who like french fries, whatever.

4) The moderators post the synopses (authors kept anonymous) for all to read, discuss, celebrate, laugh, and enjoy.

Round 3 is now closed and available to read! See entries for details!

Round 1Round 2Round 3
Ah! My GoddessThe Big OBlack Books
Azumanga DaiohCharlie JadeDead Like Me
Dante's CoveHexKiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Dead ZoneThe Invisible ManLegend of the Seeker
Doctor WhoKeen EddieLittle Mosque on the Prairie
Donnie DarkoKim PossibleMy Neighbor Totoro
Hercules (tv)MirrorMaskPrimeval
Life on MarsStar Trek (tOS)The Revenger's Tragedy
Mujhse Shaadi KarogiStargate: AtlantisThe Lair
Princess TutuWonderfallsTwin Peaks
Stargate SG-1Yami No Matsuei 

A few notes:

- This community has open membership, but only the moderators can post. All vid submissions, synopses, questions, marriage proposals, etc. must be emailed to the moderators (strangefandom at gmail dot com). The SSF is proud to be flist-friendly!

-We highly encourage you to read our FAQ for any information you may need.

- All deadlines are set to keep things moving, not to stress you out. We're just here to have fun, after all.

- Please note that this project is inherently somewhat spoiler-ridden. Synopses posts will be sorted by fandom, well-labelled, and behind cut tags, but will almost certainly contain mild to moderate spoilers (depending on what was in the selected vids). Please be responsible for your own journaling activities.

- SSF will not tolerate trolling, flaming, or bashing of any kind. The more off-the-mark a synopsis is, the more fun it will be! Laugh with people, not at them. Repeat offenders will be banned, glued into a James Marsters mask, and fed to the fangirls.

- And damnit, have a good time! :-)

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